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OTP Bank chairman/CEO sells bonus shares

OTP Bank chairman/CEO Sándor Csányi has sold the 63,364 OTP shares received under the bank's management incentive program, the bank has reported. Csányi sold the packet on the Budapest Stock Exchange at an average price of HUF 4,094 for a total of about HUF 259 million.

OTP shares moved between HUF 4,045 and HUF 4,134 on Monday, which was the last session of the year. The stock closed up at HUF 4,100 on turnover of HUF 2.8 billion. Csányi's OTP holding fell to 10,000 shares as a result of the transaction. OTP said the deal changed the number of OTP shares held by OTP Bank to 3.437 million. Of these, OTP group units held 2.731 million shares on November 30. The treasury stock made up 1.23% of all shares.