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Open Mind Education Center opens new venue

Open Mind Education Center, which has operated in Hungary for four years, has recently opened a new venue on the first floor of the Hegyvidék Shopping Center, boasting high-standard equipment in the study rooms, according to a press statement sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Katalin Szilágyi, executive director at Open Mind Education Center

The Education Center provides personalized subject revision and language preparation for students from 10-20 years old, the press statement said. Students improvement is carefully measured, which ensures high test and entrance exam results for schools, it added.

Open Mind Education Center combines a project point of view and teaching to provide a personalized one-to-one private learning environment for students to reach their goals effectively and succeed, the press statement added.

“The service is outstanding and unique worldwide, as Open Mind is the first educational institution which applies new teaching methods in a complex way,” claims Katalin Szilágyi , executive director at Open Mind Education Center. “For efficiency, the education center keeps one-to-one lessons. Teachers create weekly reports on improvement, which the education manager looks through and controls,” she adds.

The opening hours are from Monday to Saturday 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Open Mind Education Center says it teaches according to international standards in English.