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Online sales expected to reach Ft 30 bln in 2006

Online sales in Hungary will reach Ft 30 billion in 2006, Gábor Lemák, deputy-CEO of GKIeNET, which researches the electronic market, told the Third Annual Electronic Trade Conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

Online sales in Hungary came to Ft 20 billion in 2005, compared to Ft 5 billion just four years earlier, Lemák said. There are 1,000 online stores in Hungary, but just 50 record significant turnover.
Lemák said that just 280,000 Hungarians, or about 3% of the population, have ever shopped online. In the EU, about 40% of people shop online on average. He attributed the big difference to a lack of infrastructure on the customer side as well as a lack of know-how.
The conference, organized by the Alliance for Electronic Trade, dealt with issues of security and trust in e-commerce, as well as electronic administration, online auctions and online accounting services.