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Ogreco to launch e-scooter sharing service in Budapest

Ogreco, a 100% Hungarian-owned company, will soon launch its e-scooter sharing system in Budapest, after a successful presentation of the e-scooter fleet this week, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Getting around in Budapest changed significantly with the disappearance of ridesharing service Uber and the rise of modern sharing systems such as Bubi, Blinkee, and GreenGo. Ogreco is set to join the group of environmentally friendly solutions, with a fleet of 100 e-scooters. Furthermore, the company expects to grow the number of vehicles in the future dynamically.

The sharing system will be entirely keyless, using a mobile app. Users may choose and control the nearest scooter to them with the help of a map. After getting on the vehicle, it will be ridable right away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without filling out any forms or getting involved in unnecessary bureaucracy, says the press release.

The pricing of the "ogremobil" scooters is unique on the Hungarian market. While some competitors only use a minute-based fee, ogreco decided to calculate the fee based on a minute + kilometer system. There is no monthly fee after registration, a minute costs HUF 20 and every km HUF 79. There is also a HUF 10 parking fee. The maximum payable amount per day is HUF 7,500.