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NNG launches automotive navigation industry blog

Since its launch in 2004, automotive navigation company NNG says it has striven to remain proactive and innovative in providing new products and technological advancements to some of the leading automobile companies of the world. Now, in its most recent development, the company has launched NNG Blog, for business readers who follow news in the automobile sector.

NNG Blog was launched at the end of last year and already hosts several articles written by various company employees and partners.

The posts give insight into the company’s inner workings, including articles that portray the company’s self-proclaimed loyalty and devotion to customers, as well as to future innovations.

The company says it is increasing internet connectivity in cars to improve the driving experience and remain one of the top navigational industries.

Other blog posts on the website include topics such as the challenges and complications of navigation in Asian countries, the benefits to purchasing and paying online, and how technology can be incorporated to improve the architecture in food services.