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New McDonaldʼs restaurants open on M1 motorway

Two McDonaldʼs restaurants have opened on opposite sides of the M1 motorway which runs between Budapest and the Austrian border, the fast-food chain told Hungarian news agency MTI.

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The two restaurants, built at a cost of HUF 2.2 billion, can serve about 200 people.

Three McDonaldʼs restaurants have opened in Hungary this year, bringing the total to 92. The restaurants served about 80 million guests last year.

Sándor Scheer, McDonaldʼs Developmental Licensee partner in Hungary, announced plans a year ago to upgrade and expand the network of restaurants in Hungary and to roll out country-wide delivery.

Under an agreement signed in the spring of 2019, McDonaldʼs transferred ownership interest in its business in Hungary and granted a franchise to develop and operate McDonaldʼs restaurants in this market to Scheer. More than half of the McDonaldʼs restaurants in Hungary remain individual franchises.

Scheer, who founded and is a stakeholder in Market Épitő, one of the biggest construction companies in Hungary, earlier built several McDonaldʼs restaurants as well as the first Ronald McDonald House in Hungary.