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Morgan Stanley organizes coding workshop for girls

The Hungarian office of Morgan Stanley in Budapest held a coding workshop for female secondary school students, together with non-profit organization Skool, to inspire young women to get closer to the world of IT as the sector also offers a secure career for women, an announcement issued today reveals.

Professional organizations claim that the ratio of women in the ICT sector is well below 20%, and although some 60% of graduates at European universities are women, the ratio of engineering and IT students is only around 20%, the announcement stresses. Citing experts, the announcement reports that in ten year’s time there will be 700,000 more jobs in the labor market than there are fresh university graduates to fill them.

Despite the abilities of the sector to offer women an increasingly secure career, few choose IT as their future profession.

“IT is often mistaken as a profession for men, but diversity in the tech industry is of utmost importance and our aim is to provide attractive, secure and innovative career opportunities for both men and women,” said Norbert Fogarasi, general manager of Morgan Stanley’s Budapest office. “Morgan Stanley is committed to diversity and partnering with organizations like Skool,” the manager added.

Morgan Stanley Hungary has worked together with Skool for a year and the two organizations have held several successful events together, Fogarasi reveals. “In the ‘IT girls’ program we work with not only girls from universities but also from elementary and high schools. We are proud to have several new colleagues that joined Morgan Stanley because of these programs and look forward to building on these foundations,” Fogarasi added.

Young ladies of age 15-18, participating in the workshop on October 17, with the help of volunteers from Morgan Stanley and Skool, were able to deepen their skills in processing programming language by coding a game, which they could take home and show their parents or even further develop it. Organizers hope that this experience helps these young people find their future profession and in a few years at least as many young women might choose IT than for example administrative or law fields, the announcement added.