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More than 130 startups apply for Antenna Hungária startup program

A total of 132 startups applied for the Aha! BrainStore acceleration program of Antenna Hungária, with 13 of the applicants receiving an opportunity to take part in a boot camp in July, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Bootcamp in action.

During the bootcamp, teams will receive feedback from the experts of Hiventures, Drukka Startups, and Intellitext. The most promising teams stand a chance of receiving investment, and additional professional support from Antenna Hungária to develop their products further.

The second edition of AHa! BrainStore aims at aiding the realization of high added-value, innovative projects in the fields of streaming, internet content providing, e-sport, IoT, IT Security, AI, and drone technology.

"To sustain our competitiveness, cooperation with startups that deliver new and innovative solutions is necessary, as they can react to the market environment quicker than the large market players," says Gábor Mándi, deputy CEO of Antenna Hungária.

"Among other things, this is why we consider thinking and working together with startups important, as it can provide common advantages for both sides."