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Moodyʼs removes affirmation from some M6 Duna notes

Moodyʼs Investors Service has removed the affirmation from the EUR 212 million Floating Rate Secured Notes due 2025 (ISIN XS0245906150) issued by M6 Duna Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt. and also corrected the Outlook on M6 Duna Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt. to NOO from STA, the ratings agency says.

Moodyʼs says that the A2 Insured rating on the notes in question was incorrectly affirmed on November 26 last year, and the outlook on the issuer was modified to STA from NOO due to an administrative error.

Now, the A2 rating remains unchanged, while the issuerʼs outlook has been rest to NOO.