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MOL plans another 66 Fresh Corner cafés at filling stations

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL plans to add 66 units to its network of Fresh Corner cafés this year, and another 300 by the end of 2023, retail director András Orosz said in an interview with business daily Világgazdaság published yesterday.

MOL operates 1,933 filling stations in nine countries in the region, of which 895 units have a Fresh Corner café.

According to Q2 figures, this includes 164 cafés in Hungary, 226 in Slovakia, 214 in the Czech Republic, 124 in Romania, 91 in Croatia, 43 in Slovenia, 24 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 20 in Serbia and five in Montenegro. The aim is to increase the total number to 961 this year.

Last year, MOL sold more than 53 million cups of coffee, well ahead of all other café chains in the region.

Within total turnover at Fresh Corner cafés in Hungary, hot drinks account for two-thirds of fresh product sales, while food products such as hot dogs, sandwiches, pastries and, more recently, pizza, make up for the remaining third, Orosz said.