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Major reorganization at MÁV

Major management and timetable changes are to take place at the Hungarian State Railways Zrt (MÁV) after December 10.

The responsibilities of outgoing President and CEO Gyula Gaál will be divided among President Miklós Kamarás, a former CEO of the State Privatization and Holding Zrt (ÁPV) and MÁV CEO István Heinczinger, who has hitherto served as Gaál’s deputy. The seven-strong board of directors will include Pál Szabó, CEO of state postal services company Magyar Posta Zrt, CEO of Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railways Zrt (GySEV) Csaba Siklós, and several high-ranking government officials. Meanwhile, the number of Deputy CEO positions will be reduced from the current four to two. The financially challenged state railway company is hoping for significant cost savings as a result of adjusting passenger train timetables on certain lines so the time difference between any given departure and the next is always exactly 60 minutes. (Magyar Hírlap)