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Magyar Telekom demonstrates 5G connection in Hungary

Magyar Telekom demonstrated the first 5G connection in Hungary under real-world, non-laboratory conditions in Budapest on Monday. The technology could be available in 2-4 years, the companyʼs CEO told state news wire MTI.

Speaking at the demonstration, CEO Tibor Rékasi said the new technology combines the advantages of fixed-line and mobile communication and is expected to bring considerable development in healthcare, transport, education, and industry.

The CEO told MTI that 5G technology is expected to become generally available in Europe, including Hungary, by 2020-2022.

Magyar Telekom demonstrated a real-time remote healthcare diagnosis and a drone rescue operation through the established 5G connection.

Magyar Telekomʼs parent company, Deutsche Telekom, demonstrated the first 5G connection in a live network in Europe in October 2017 in Berlin, and shortly thereafter in Budapest.

Rékasi said mobile internet traffic has grown sixfold on Magyar Telekomʼs network in Hungary over the past five years, adding that 5G technology holds great potential, not only thanks to its speed but through its built-in network intelligence and the possibility of cooperation with other technologies.