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Magyar Suzuki recruiting 400 for 2nd shift

Magyar Suzuki Zrt. is preparing for the European car market to recover from the shock caused by the coronavirus epidemic by the end of the year, and is therefore preserving its capacity and has even started recruiting about 400 people so that it can restart the second shift in production on June 29, according to 

The factory stopped production on March 23 due to the epidemic situation, and work stopped for six weeks at the production site in Esztergom (39 km northwest of Budapest), where only hybrid vehicles have been produced since January. 

However, production began again on April 29, with a first shift, and in order to start the second shift, the company has started recruiting. 

At the time of the shutdown, Magyar Suzuki reduced the numbers of its temporary staff but no full-time employees were laid-off, the economics website notes.