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Magyar Suzuki extends shutdown for another 2 weeks

The Hungarian unit of Japanese carmaker Suzuki has extended a shutdown at its plant in Esztergom, north of Budapest, by another two weeks, Magyar Suzukiʼs communications director told state news wire MTI.

Earlier, Magyar Suzuki had announced a shutdown at the plant from March 23 until April 3.

Spokesperson Zuzssanna Bonnár-Csonka said the company is ensuring its staff are paid by offering them the chance to modify work hours, work from home or go on paid holiday.

In the coming two weeks, the company will work to establish safe labor conditions for when production at the plant starts up again, she added.

Magyar Suzuki earlier said the shutdown would affect 3,200 workers.

Suzukiʼs German peers Audi and Daimler have also shut down production at their manufacturing bases in Hungary because of the coronavirus pandemic.