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Maform wins award for VeloClass system

Hungary-based industrial product designer Maform has received the “A’ Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award” for its unique VeloClass Bicycle Traffic Measurement System, winning the Gold award for coming in the top 3% of all 35,000 submissions.

Maform has been a recipient of the A’ Design Award multiple times since 2017, recognising its ability to produce successful global products, from the Flike passenger drone to the Shoka Bell smart bike accessory, to the Evopro eCharger electric charger, among others. As the BBJ reported last week, the company most recently received an Aʼ Design Award for its eVTOL aircraft design in association with LIFT Aircraft.

According to a press release, the VeloClass Bicycle Traffic Measurement System is a unique, ultrasound-based measurement system that boasts more precision and reliability than current traffic counting systems. It counts bicycle and pedestrian traffic on roads to enable understanding for demand and usability.

“We’re thrilled to have received the A’ Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award from A’ Design for our VeloClass bike traffic measurement system,” said Maform CEO and co-founder Péter Molnár. “Route popularity poses a complex challenge, and it’s brilliant to be recognized for our achievements with this award. We are so proud of our amazing team for what we have achieved so far in 2019, and hope for continued success in the months ahead.”