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Lufthansa Systems to open office in Szeged

Aviation software developer Lufthansa Systems Hungária is set to open an office in Szeged (163 km southeast of Budapest), starting its operation with 10-15 employees, according to a report by website

The company, which opened its first office in Hungary about 25 years ago, says that it plans to hire 15-20 new people per year, as its Szeged office develops.

In addition to its geographical location, Szeged was chosen because of its excellent IT training at the University of Szeged. Additionally, Lufthansa Systems Hungária has recently entered into research and development cooperation with the universityʼs IT department.

The company currently employs approximately 450 IT professionals in Budapest,  who develop, test, and operate applications for more than 300 airlines, enabling safe and efficient operation of aircraft. The software include applications used by air and ground personnel and air traffic controllers, as well as digital solutions that accompany the entire airline ticketing process.

A vállalat szegedi kollégái a tervek szerint ezeknek a termékeknek a fejlesztésén és tesztelésén dolgoznak majd. A Lufthansa Systems Hungária jelenleg Java- és frontend-fejlesztők, valamint adatmérnökök jelentkezését várja nyitott pozícióira.

The companyʼs colleagues in Szeged will work on the development and testing of these products. For its open positions at the new office, Lufthansa Systems Hungária is currently awaiting applications by Java and frontend developers, as well as data engineers.