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Local farmer producing kiwi in Becsehely

Farmer Márton Ákos Miklós is successfully producing yellow kiwi on his farm in Becsehely (in Zala County, 227 km southwest of Budapest), news portal reported.

Yellow kiwi (photo: Shutterstock)

Cash & Carry multinational wholesale chain METRO is purchasing the entire harvest from Miklós.

“The yellow kiwi is less hairy outside, and its taste is sweeter, similar to honey and pineapple,” Miklós says.

The family-run company started in 2012 in Becsehely, where the climate is suitable for Mediterranean plants. Kiwi generates the highest yields and tolerates cold temperatures. The firm produces 23 tonnes of fruit on four hectares, and the farm is still below full capacity.

If the company could extend its capacity to 90-100 tonnes, it would reach only 5% of entire domestic consumption, says.