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Kulcs-Soft celebrates 30 years with SME, school campaign

Kulcs-Soft, a Hungarian software company celebrating 30 years since its foundation and ten years on the stock market, closed its most successful half-year to date, with an after tax result of HUF 210 million, up 8% year-on-year.

The BizXpert online invoicing appplication

The company says that it aims to support domestic small businesses and educational institutions during its 30th anniversary campaign.

Kulcs-Soft plans to provide free educational, payroll and accounting education programs to 300 selected educational institutions, facilitating the use of modern software in the domestic training system.

"To accelerate the digital transformation of small businesses, 30,000 Hungarian small businesses will be provided with the BizXpert online invoicing application, which, besides especially fast mobile invoicing, provides easy access to accountants and modern data transfer to accounting software," says Ervin Szabó, CEO of Kulcs-Soft.

"This allows companies to immediately invoice for the service they provide, without requiring a fixed location, even with a mobile phone."

Kulcs-Softʼs consolidated revenue in 2018 was HUF 1.755 billion, with more than 65,000 customers in Hungary. Internationally, the BizXpert billing application developed by the company has been downloaded 140,000-times.