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Invitech announces this yearʼs InnoMax Award

Telecom company Invitech announced this yearʼs edition of the InnoMax award, aiming at spreading new technologies from the info-communications world to as many places as possible, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. 

David Blunck

This year, the focus was the support of innovative efforts by nonprofit organizations. Invitech has also announced a new category for small settlements, with the company accepting applications from next spring.

This is the ninth occasion Invitech has organized the awards. Since its establishment, nearly 700 applications were submitted, with the jury honoring 86. Winning applications include a digital map for pedestrians, an application for homecare after medical treatments, and a solution supporting the education of people living in disadvantaged towns.

In the civic section, the company is looking for ideas related to sustainability, education nursing, healthcare, and equality.  Applications are accepted until January 11, 2019. Full details of the tender are available on Invitechʼs website (in Hungarian).

"InnoMax is keeping up with the continous development of info-communications," explains David Blunck, CEO of Invitech. "Recognizing that modern tools and passing on up-to-date knowledge may mean a significant step forward for mainly nonprofit organizations, weʼre concentrating on members of the civic sphere in this yearʼs categories. Weʼre awaiting innovative project ideas of nonprofit organizations, which will be evaluated by a jury of experts once again."

The selection of the best works will be aided by a popular vote as well. Last year, nearly 100 applications were submitted. Invitech is offering expert consultation apart from the financial support provided to the winners. This year, for the fourth time, the company is cooperating with the Hungarian Donors Forum (MAF).

 The new "Smart Village Program" category, going live next spring, will concern the development of smaller settlements. Application is open to villages with ideas aiding population retention, internal information exchange, locals, and local businesses.

In this category, Invitech cooperates with experts from the area: the tender is linked with the National Alliance of Township Municipalitiesʼ (TÖOSZ) annual "Best Municipality Practices" tender. Invitechʼs new program also aims at helping smaller settlements close the digital gap.