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In memoriam: Sólyom Hungarian Airways (2013-2013)

Speaking of airline-related news, in case you missed it and/or were wondering, new national airline Solyóm Hungarian Airways, the dream is dead. The embryonic airline which sought to fill the gap left in the wake of Malev’s departure from Ferenc Liszt International Airport filed for bankruptcy late last week.

The Solyóm saga was described by Hungary-based media outlet ATV as uniquely Hungarian, and recently provided a nice insight to October dealings between the company and the Sport and Tourism Ministry; in an official letter, the ministry went so far as to describe the company’s business reportage as “flippant.”

Local media outlets have reported that Solyóm never received an air operator’s certificate – though a temporary license was issued by the National Transportation Authority (NKH) for the first and apparently only Boeing 737 ever to fly London to Budapest bearing the Solyóm tri-color logo.

Talks with the claimed potential investors from Oman and elsewhere in the Middle East subsequently collapsed, and the airline industry news site ATW Online is now claiming that Sólyom Hungarian Airways Kft directors “have disappeared.”