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IBM commits $1.2 billion to cloud network

Via IBM Magyarország comes word of the parent company’s big plans internationally for cloud computing, specifically last week’s official commitment to invest some $1.2 billion to expand its cloud infrastructure a build “a massive network of local cloud hubs for business worldwide with 40 data centers across five continents.

The announcement of IBM’s big plans was made from New York, with some details on the expansion provided (and a handy infographic; see accompanying illustration). Fifteen new data centers will be launched to bring the big company’s grand total to 40 worldwide; most recently, new data centers were launched in China, Hong Kong, the US, Canada, Mexico City, the UK, India and Japan. Expansion into the Middle East and Africa is promised for 2015.

According to statistics touted by IBM, the global cloud-computing market will reach $200 billion by 2020 and, as IBM Global Technology Service senior VP Erich Clementi emphasized at the announcement, “IBM is continuing to invest in high-growth areas.” One such investment was the $2 billion acquisition of SoftLayer, a cloud-computing environment deployed worldwide – and increasing IBM’s cloud clientele by 2,400 in less than one year.

IBM is expecting $7 billion in annual revenue from cloud services by 2015; in its public cloud structure, over 5.5 million transactions are handled daily.