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Hyperloop vacuum rail would put Vienna 20 minutes away

A private firm said yesterday it is planning a super-fast train inside a vacuum tube, called a hyperloop, which could make the three-hour trip to Vienna in roughly 20 minutes. The Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna line would probably be the second one completed in the world and the first in Europe.

An illustration of a hyperloop train.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced yesterday that it had signed the declaration of intent with the Slovak government to bring the super rail line to Central Europe. The train would travel at speeds of 1,220 kmh, making the journey from Bratislava to Budapest in 10 minutes. It would go from Bratislava to Vienna in only eight minutes, the company said.

Elon Musk, president of the electronic car maker Tesla, had presented his vision for a super fast, vacuum-filled, tube-based, transportation system in 2013. HTT is now planning a five-mile test line in California’s Quay Valley, which could be ready to run by 2018, reported.