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Hungary more attractive among CEE workers

Eight out of the top 20 Central Eastern European workplaces are Hungarian, according to a CE European survey of Hewitt Associates published on Wednesday. The best employer is Microsoft Poland, followed by Czech Sanoma, and third place is taken by Hungarian asset management company Egri Vagyonkezelő és Távfűtő Rt. The report, which surveyed over 50,000 employees of 205 companies in 4 countries, shows that competitive wages, benefits, and appreciation are inevitable for employee satisfaction and dedication, and they also determine the company's success. The best workplaces all share a common feature, the open door policy: the leaders can be approached and they listen to the employees. The top 20 Hungarian employers include GlaxoSmithKline Pharma Kft, Mavir Rt, and Nextent Kft. (Thu Vg 9) E.C.