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Hungarians found PC on asylum-seekers, conceal racism

Anti-immigrant sentiment has remained almost unchanged in Hungary since last year and it is lower compared to previous years, but racist attitudes tend to be concealed behind a veneer of tolerance, national daily Népszabadság said on Friday. 24% of Hungarians would not allow asylum-seekers in the country at all, 70% would consider each case individually and 6% would allow anyone in, according to a Tárki poll. But of those respondents who were willing to consider asylum-seekers on a case-by-case basis, 83% were biased against Arabs. 75% were against Chinese, Gypsies and Russians while two-thirds disliked Romanians. While most people tow the line that its wrong to be set against asylum-seekers, in practice they would reject everyone except ethnic Hungarians from beyond the borders -- in other words, the paper said, open xenophobia is gradually becoming concealed. Tárki data gathered each year since the change to democracy show that anti-immigrant sentiment hit a peak in 1990 and has been gradually decreasing since 2003.