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Hungarian, Slovak trade unions sign statement

The leaders of Hungary's League of Independent Trade Unions (Liga) and the Confederation of Trade Unions of the Slovak Republic (KOZ SR) signed a joint statement following their talks in Budapest on Tuesday.

Liga president István Gaskó said after signing the statement that some KOZ SR members will participate in the Liga demonstration planned to be staged in Budapest on October 28 in protest against the Hungarian government's austerity package. Gasko said the recent Hungarian-Slovak tension in relations over anti-Hungarian violent incidents in Slovakia and anti-Slovak sentiment in Hungary was not a general occurrence, adding that maximizing the incidents was the nature of politics.
Ivan Saktor, the president of KOZ SR, which has more than 50,000 employees, agreed with his Hungarian counterpart that there was an overreaction toward the incidents. The joint statement called upon Hungary and Slovakia to strengthen friendly relations and the two governments to seek preventing such incidents.