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Hungarian McDonald’s restaurants to be modernized

McDonald’s has announced that it will be introducing what it calls its innovative “Experience of the Future” dining model to Hungary as the fast-food giant expands the role of technology in the eating experience, according to Hungarian news agency MTI.

A new concept that is being quickly adopted by McDonald’s chains internationally, “Experience of the Future” focuses on incorporating digital tech solutions into the ordering process. Significant changes that guests will experience include the introduction of self-service digital kiosks to order meals, optional payment available by means of online or mobile devices, customizable product options and guest preferences on table service. 

As the American burger chain plans to continue developing its modernized guest-friendly technology worldwide, McDonald’s Hungary says it will introduce five technologically renovated restaurants in the upcoming year. Coming out of 2016, a successful business year for the 89 restaurants bearing the Golden Arches in Hungary, the company says it still has plans to open additional restaurants in the country.