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Hungarian ITC bootcamps mull regional expansion

Due to remarkable success on the local market, Hungarian ITC bootcamps are targeting regional expansion. Offering super-fast IT and programming education, these institutions have found a partial solution to one of the biggest staffing problems in Hungary.

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IVSZ, the ICT Association of Hungary, the largest interest group for the industry in the country, says that in 2015 some 22,000 IT specialists were absent from the Hungarian labor market, news website reports. It is estimated that number had edged up to between 30,000 and 40,000 last year, generating increasing demand for bootcamps.

The biggest schools in Hungary include Codecool, Green Fox Academy, Progmasters, Codeberry, Flow Academy, ReaktorLabs, A&K Akadémia, and Progmatic.

Student fees, which can add up to HUF 1.5 million, are still attractive for future IT specialists, who can expect to land a job with a HUF 450,000 gross monthly salary shortly after finishing one of the programs, noted.