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Hungarian doors, windows in Reykjavík Marriott Hotel

KAV Hungária, a Hungarian company, is involved in providing the doors and windows solutions of the Marriott Hotel being built near Harpa, Reykjavíkʼs iconic concert hall, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

A visualization of the plans

The company is the first in Hungary to take part in the design and full manufacture of door and window facade structures in Iceland, says the press release. Aluminum doors and windows are made according to special customer criteria due to special technical and meteorological requirements. KAV has also built a prototype for the work, taking into account installation and insulation aspects.

“In many cases, we had to calculate a wind load of 380 km/h, and the extra protection against rainwater was also a challenge,” says Károly Lovász, CEO of the company. “Most of the uniquely wide-ranging preparation work has been supported by the colleagues of our Belgian system supplier from their central, Prague and Budapest offices, as well as by experts from our Icelandic professional partner and customer. As a result of our joint efforts, we apply the special Out System technical solutions of the Belgian system supplier, custom designed and manufactured for this project only.”

The Icelandic Marriott Hotel in Reykjavík is expected to be delivered by 2020. The building follows the Scandinavian architectural style strictly, as it delivers a modern, contemporary-looking approach, with the play of facade elements and a patchwork-like effect.