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Hungarian DO-Q-MENT partners with IBM

Hungarian document management company DO-Q-MENT has moved the operation of its services from its own storage to IBM Cloud, stepping into a business partnership with the giant, according to a press statement sent to the Budapest Business Journal on Tuesday.

The company, which was launched in 2009, offers cloud-based solutions for managing and archiving documents, in order to offer a greener way for businesses to do the necessary paperwork.

“GreenArchive is a cloud solution for storing and forwarding digitalized documents that are authentic also in legal terms, which has revolutionized archiving,” the firm says on its official website.

The service provider also claims that by changing from paper-based documentation to cloud-based solutions, a company can reduce documenting costs to one tenth, as well as reducing its carbon footprint.

DO-Q-MENT also notes that as a business expands paperwork multiplies, and the legal framework in many countries requires certain documents to be stored for up to 50 years. This poses a huge challenge for companies.

The service provider points out that businesses in Hungary alone produce a total of 50,000 tons of paper annually, with a printing cost of HUF 80-100 billion.

“When we decided to move our services into the cloud of IBM we had two important aims: to meet the regulatory requirements of legally credible documenting, and to find a platform where our customers can store their documents safely,” said Ágoston Hortobágyi, CEO of DO-Q-MENT. “With the solutions of IBM Cloud, we were able to meet both our aims, and what is more, we were able to do it in a cost-efficient way compared to our earlier server operations,” he added.