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Hernádi defies “improper” Croatia indictment

Zsolt Hernádi, chairman/CEO of oil-and-gas giant MOL, said in an interview with a commercial television channel in Croatia on Sunday that he had received no summons from prosecutors there that would require his presence.

“The rule is that if they properly summon me, then I must appear before the prosecutor,” Hernádi said. “For every subpoena I received, I appeared and gave detailed testimony. I did not receive any subpoena from Croatia that would require my presence.

“Following the rules applies to the prosecutor, too. It is not above the law,” he said, adding that he thought the prosecutor was the only party in the matter who was not following the rules.

Croatian anti-corruption office USKOK indicted Hernádi a week ago on charges he bribed now-deposed prime minister Ivo Sanader to give MOL management rights in Croatia-based peer INA.
In 2012, a Croatian court sentenced Sanader to ten years in prison on corruption charges involving the alleged payment of a bribe of millions of euros. Croatian police issued a warrant for Hernádi’s arrest last autumn on suspicion of bribery.

Hernádi insisted in the television interview that neither he nor his colleagues had participated in any criminal activity. He said the prosecutor was trying to find evidence in the case by “sewing the coat to the button.”