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Henkel launches global competition for new ideas

December 15 marked the launch of the „Henkel Innovation Trophy” – a test for creative minds! competition.

In instituting this new, global innovation initiative, Henkel invites all independent inventors to submit their creative ideas. The objective is to add further impetus to Henkel’s own innovation efforts. The awards for the winners include attractive cash prizes plus the chance to join Henkel in the commercialization of the associated proprietary rights. In the course of the „Henkel Innovation Trophy” campaign, Henkel also intends to cooperate closely with national and international inventor associations.

Throughout Henkel”s 130-year history, innovations have constantly provided the power driving the company forward. Now more than ever, they are key to securing ongoing and future market success. Indeed, Henkel declared 2006 to be its “Year of Innovation” with a view to involving all its employees throughout the world in the conception of new products.

In the desire for unusual ideals and their further development into true product innovations, Henkel has long collaborated with external partners such as renowned research institutes, universities and similar organizations, as well as utilizing the extensive expertise available from its own research and development activities. Now, through the „Henkel Innovation Trophy”, the company also hopes for the first time to systematically engage with creative talents outside the company so that, through effective collaboration, new products can be introduced into the market in a faster, more effective and more efficient manner.
This initiative is aimed at independent inventors wishing to submit ideas that have already been the subject of published patent applications or patents already granted relating to appropriate products and processes. The company is also interested in ideas that may be the subject of registered designs, utility models or associated applications pending. The concepts need to offer a good fit with the portfolios of Henkel’s four business sectors: Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries, Consumer and Craftsmen Adhesives, and Henkel Technologies. Registration could not be simpler: applicants will find an online form at the Henkel website that they can simply complete and send electronically.

Henkel will award the „Henkel Innovation Trophy” together with an attractive cash prize for the best ideas received. The winners will also be offered the unique chance to enter into an agreement with Henkel covering commercialization of the associated proprietary rights. The period during which applications and submissions for the „Henkel Innovation Trophy” are invited begins on December 15, 2006 and ends on April 15, 2007.