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Hell Energy expecting new plant in September

Hell Energy Hungary Kft. is expecting a new development in Szikszó (195 km northeast of Budapest) in September, and the cost of the new latte coffee plant will exceed HUF 8 billion, writes

Photo courtesy of Hell Energy

With the handover of the new plant, they will be able to export their new Energy Coffee product from Hungary.

Domestic milk will be used in the production of this product, thus contributing to the performance of the national economy, as well as using domestic labor, they emphasized.

According to the latest data from market researcher Nielsen, Hell Energy Coffee became the market leader in the domestic iced coffee market by June this year, and they have already managed to gain a leading position in Greece, they added.

According to their information, the companyʼs sales exceeded HUF 50 billion last year, and its after-tax profit was HUF 2.55 bln. In 2018, the company achieved a profit after tax of more than HUF 5.34 bln with a turnover of nearly HUF 48 bln.