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Ham, sweets, eggs to drive Easter retail revenues

Supermarket chains are expecting record sales before Easter, due April 1-2, based on increased demand for ham, eggs, cake and sweets. Some chains are even considering keeping stores open longer than usual, business daily Világgazdaság says.

Easter is the second biggest revenue period after Christmas in retail commerce, and supermarket chains operating in Hungary expect growth of 6-7% this year, Világgazdaság says, based on data received from chains Tesco, Spar, Lidl and Aldi.

According to the latest study by market researcher Nielsen, cooked ham is an all-time star performer during Easter: Hungarians buy on average 4,000 tons in this period, to a value of HUF 7 billion, accounting for 92% of full-year cooked ham sales.

Sweets are also in great demand before Easter, with Hungarians buying 744 tons of chocolate eggs, bunnies and other Easter gifts amounting to HUF 3.5 bln. Eggs and cakes (the so-called "kalács" in Hungary) can reach a sales growth of as much as 100% during Easter, Spar said. Bakery sales during Easter surpassed the Christmas period last year, and this year the growth is estimated at 6-7%.

As for eggs, Tesco expects sales of 15-16 million, representing as much as 15% of full-year sales. The most popular size is M, and all are bought from Hungarian suppliers.