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GreenGo expands parking area in Budaörs

E-car sharing service GreenGo has announced new parking opportunities for its clients at large stores and the farmerʼs market in Budaörs, the company tells the Budapest Business Journal.

User data about the movement of cars in GreenGoʼs fleet played a role in the launch of the development. The company says it has recognized the need to extend the service after studying the available user information.

"We constantly monitor the car usage habits of our clients, so we get the know the areas they visit more frequently," says Bálint Michaletzky, CEO of GreenGo.

"For this, we have an abundance of data at our disposal, which we constantly integrate into our new improvements. It is a good guideline showing how to prioritize user demands. After our almost trivial expansion at the airport we present something new: we are adding new, discount parking zones in Budaörs. We are striving to stay the first in reacting to the capitalʼs transportation needs through our electric fleet and increasing the community experience through increasing mobility."

During a one hour shopping session, an hour of parking costs about HUF 300, with clients using the normal package paying HUF 5 per minute while users with a minimal package paying HUF 8 per minute.

The driver also has the opportunity to lock the car through the app and make it unavailable to others during a shopping trip, meaning the car canʼt be picked up by someone else wanting to use the service.