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Graphisoft releases ARCHICAD 22 software

Hungarian-based software company Graphisoft SE has released ARCHICAD 22, the newest version of its architectural software, featuring curtain wall facade-related innovations, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

ARCHICAD is the worldʼs first BIM-based software for architects, with the solution serving as the basis of the digitalization of the construction industry. ARCHICAD handles design-related work processes in a quick and flexible way, ensuring cloud based storage and interactive sharing of data between workstations in different countries and continents, Graphisoft says.

The most important new features of ARCHICAD 22 include a revamped facade planning process along with the relevant documentation, as well as the newest algorithm planning solutions and faster, more fluid 2D plan navigation. 

Legal software use in Hungary is under the international average, and the digitalization of the industry began with a delay of several years. Therefore Hungarian architecture studios and developers can not achieve the level of efficiency that their international competitors do, according to the press release.

However, the situation is improving on the Hungarian market according to Péter Reicher, Graphisoftʼs country manager for Hungary.

"In a large part it is due to our company taking into account the solvency of actors in the Hungarian market and making project-based rental of our ARCHICAD software possible," he said

"At Graphisoft, we find it important to offer affordable and up-to-date digital solutions for all players on the market, in terms of products and services as well," Reicher added.

According to the press release, illegal software use is a larger problem among SMEs (38% use pirated software according to HENT, the National Board Against Counterfeiting) in Hungary than among large companies. Graphisoftʼs campaign of offering low-cost, time period limited software usage aims at tackling the problem in a more effective way than awareness campaigns, bringing the opportunity of acquiring legal software closer to all market players.