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Graphisoft collaborates with U.S. software designer

Hungarian software developer Graphisoft SE is collaborating with Epic Games, the company that launched the world’s most popular video game design program, Unreal Engine, and Twinmotion, a real-time architectural planning software.

As a result of the cooperative effort, the new version of Twinmotion, which is expected to be released towards the end of this year, will be available for ArchiCAD 23 users for free. ArchiCAD is Graphisoft’s interior and exterior design program, the new edition of which will function smoothly together with Twinmotion, allowing the creation of 360-degree VR videos and high-quality model panoramas.

“The software market is developing very quickly, bringing in new features and changes, which we will deliver to Hungarian users through the new ArchiCAD 23,” said Graphisoft regional director Péter Reicher. “We hope that the world-class design concepts will significantly aid the successes of Hungarian investors and users,” he added.

The new version of Twinmotion will also allow users to change the lighting, weather conditions and time of day within seconds while building a model. According to Graphisoft, this shows that the software has reached the most high-tech levels.

“We are now very excited to work with Graphisoft to promote the use of real-time visualization solutions to help architects and designers visually communicate,” explained Marc Petit, general manager of Epic Games. “The simplicity of the Twinmotion user interface and the power of Unreal Engine to deliver real-time effects is unmatched in the industry,” he added.