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GENISAMA products for APFGP tech to debut in Budapest

American startup GENISAMA LLC will hold an exhibition and sale of its first products for new Autonomous Programming for General Purposes (APFGP) technology at the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), to be held July 14-19, 2019, in Budapest.


APFGP machines incrementally learn, abstract, program for, and perform an open-ended series of tasks, all in real time, explains a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. The technology represents a disruptive technological advancement toward Strong AI, requiring the machine’s “brain” network inside the “skull” to not only be closed, but also be fully autonomous, from “conception,” to “newborn,” to “adulthood,” like a human brain.

The first release of GENISAMAʼs product line has three models: VCML-100, VCMP-50, and VCMP-40.

VCML-100 is a developer model that enables both machine learning and machine performance. It is characterized by five first offerings to the consumer market. The product is the first machine learning technology to exist for APFGP, claims the press release, noting that it is the only 3D camera for real-time machine learning on the market. It features a real leather face cushion for long-time wear of its goggle, which GENISAMA regards as necessary for “lifelong” machine learning. It also has open peripheral windows on the goggle for safety while moving during machine learning and performance. Finally, it features a unique three-object mount that accepts the model’s 3D video camera, an Android phone that the user supplies, and the model’s goggle. In addition, for “lifelong” machine learning, it has the heaviest-duty button grade available on the model’s controller, rated at five million actions.

The learning engine of the VCML-100, called a Developmental Network (DN), is a new kind of neural network that has holistically resolved a series of well-known and long-lasting problems in machine learning. The startup says the DN resulted from over ten years of research at Michigan State University, with multiple patents either granted or pending. The name of the startup, GENISAMA, reflects the operation of the DN: Grounded, Emergent, Natural, Incremental, Skull-closed, Attentive, Motivated, Abstractive.

The company says that VCML-100 is suited for entrepreneurs, AI researchers, and AI hobbyists. It also expects an increasing number of DNs will soon be available for a variety of applications.

The two other models, VCMP-50 and VCMP-40, are aimed at consumers who do not plan to train their own machines but are interested in employing the capabilities of learned networks to be trained using the VCML-100.

All three models can record and play 3D video and images.