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Ganz-Skoda wins Miskolc tram tender

The Hungarian-Czech joint venture Ganz-Skoda Kozlekedesi has won a tender to supply the city of Miskolc (NE Hungary) with 31 trams, the spokesperson for the mayor’s office said on Thursday.

One of the losers in the tender, Spain’s CAF, has appealed the decision, said Timea Dobos.

The tender was the fourth Miskolc has called for the trams. The earlier three were annulled by the Public Procurement Arbitration Board (KDB).

Miskolc has HUF 40bn to develop its tram system, most of it from EU funding.

A HUF 15bn renovation and expansion of the city’s tram line was started in May last year. Miskolc Zold Nyil (Green Arrow), a consortium of Colas-Alterra, COLAS UT, WIS and PENTAVIA, is renovating 9.6km of the existing line and adding one and a half kilometres to it. That part of the project is to be completed at the end of 2011.