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First phase of ZalaZone test track inaugurated

The first phase of ZalaZone, a HUF 45 billion test track for self-driving vehicles the state is building in Zalaegerszeg, western Hungary, was inaugurated on Monday, state news agency MTI reported.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the inauguration

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Minister for Innovation and Technology László Palkovics and ZalaZone Managing Director András Háry participated at the ceremony.

The trackʼs 2-kilometer handling course, 300 meter-diameter dynamic platform and multi-surface braking platform were completed in the first phase of the project, as were five hectares of the trackʼs smart city, a 2,000 sqm garage, and a conference room that can accommodate 300 people, said László Vigh, ministerial commissioner for the ZalaZone project.

The second phase of ZalaZone will be built by 2020.

Other elements of ZalaZone include test track modules for rural road, highway and motorway; a high-speed oval; an extreme side-shifted road; a bad roads module; a slopes module; a noise measurement track; a water basin; and a kickplate.