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Figyelő names Jörg Bauer ʼPerson of the Yearʼ

The editorial board of business weekly Figyelő elected Tungsram president-CEO Jörg Bauer as its "Person of the Year", recognizing his work in creating a Hungarian multinational company.

Jörg Bauer (middle) with the award. (Photo: Figyelő)

Figyelő handed out the "Person of the Year" award for the fifth time.

The paper says that it recognized Bauerʼs work, especially his role in reviving a more than 120-year-old Hungarian brand when he purchased the regional lighting and global automotive lighting division as the president of GE Hungary two years ago.

Hungary-based Tungsram now has 4,000 employees, focusing on getting supplies from Hungarian SMEs while maintaining its global role as well. The company delivers lighting solutions to about 100 countries and has representations in 25 locations on the global market, Figyelő notes.

Three years ago, Bauer won the "BBJ Expat CEO of the Year" award.