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Femtonics equips world’s labs with high-tech microscopes

Founded by Balázs Rózsa and Gergely Katona in 2005, Hungarian biotech firm Femtonics provides high-tech microscopes to nearly 120 laboratories all over the world. Scientists are using them for research into brain functions, cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as drug development, says economic news site

Máté Marosi, a researcher/application specialist at Femtonincs Kft., with one of the company’s high-tech microscopes (photo from Femtonics’ Facebook page).

The team of Femtonics manufactures what it says is the world’s fastest, unique 3D scanning microscope, which it claims to be one million times faster in observing the brain activity of organisms than those of its competitors.

The device provides a unique opportunity: by stimulating the appropriate parts of the brain, it is possible to reconstruct what, for example, a mouse has seen previously, making it see things again with its own eyes, the company claims.

The news portal says the revenues of the company are steadily above HUF 1 billion; it has grown 100% in terms of headcount over the past couple of years and has developed a mature mid-sized company structure.

The long-term goal of Femtonics is to create a brain-machine interface that creates high-speed two-way communication between humans and machines.

Head of the firm Balázs Rózsa has said one of the most important industries of the future will be biotechnology, which he asserts could extend human lifespans to 150 years, adds.