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FB fined HUF 1.2 bln for misleading users

The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has fined social media giant Facebook HUF 1.2 billion, saying that the company misled users by claiming its services were free, according to a report by international news wire Reuters.

Image: Pixabay

GVH said that Facebook committed a breach of law by advertising its own services on the platformʼs opening page and help center as free.

"While users did not have to pay a fee for using the service, they still made a profit for the company through their user activity and data," the authority said.

GVH, however, did note that Facebook had since fixed the misleading statements.

"People have to be told simply and clearly how our products and services work," a representative of Facebook told Hungarian news site, reacting to the fine. "Recently, we have updated the terms and conditions regarding our business model, and we are glad that this answers the concerns of the competition authority."