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Fashion & Design Agency launches mentor program

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency has announced the launch of the Design START mentor program, aiming to lend professional support to talented designers in order to help the creation of successful Hungarian designer brands, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

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In planning the mentor program, the agency said it considered the involvement of domestic industry players and experts especially important, in order to create a customized program offering a long-term business development opportunity for both beginning and experienced designers.

Zsófia Bata-Jakab, head of the agency, says that the Design START project is directed at supporting designers who are able to create high-quality objects which are also good enough to appear at international expos and enhance the image of Hungaryʼs outstanding creativity.

The mentors include design expert Rita Halasi; Attila Róbert Cosovan, a Corvinus University professor and co-founder of; glass artist and restorer Eleonóra Balogh; Hungarian Furniture Association President Gábor Wilheim; Gigi Tímár, Budapest Lab chief content officer at Budapest Business School (BGE); economist Barnabás Szabó; and design theorist Petra Hoffmann.

As the first step of the mentor program, workshops will focus on themes vital for brand development, such as business planning, financing, basics of communication, marketing and digital technology, brand building, design communication, and legal topics.

The agency says that the designers participating in the progam - 4MS design, UPFLUX, Borbála Fű, Fülöp Fruzsina Design, Paper Up!, Anna Bárány, and PDSIGN - are talents that have the ability to become well-known brands on domestic and international markets.