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Extreme Digital heads for German market

Online electronics store Extreme Digital forecasts HUF 6 billion higher revenues this year and plans to expand further on foreign markets, the head of the company told online industry portal Marketing&Media Online.

Extreme Digital CEO Balázs Várkony

In an interview with Marketing&Media Online, Balázs Várkonyi, CEO of leading online retailer Extreme Digital, said the company had more than one million orders last year amounting to HUF 34 bln, a 17% increase compared to 2016. For this year, he expects a 15% growth, to close to HUF 40 bln.

Extreme Digital recently launched a new expansion strategy, which Várkonyi calls hybrid, of online and traditional stores in other countries. In Romania the company has already debuted this model, and plans to open a second store, as well as its first in Zagreb, the Croatian capital, by the end of this year.

In addition, the company already has a German-language webshop in Austria, which will serve as a basis for entering the German market early next year, Várkonyi said.

As for the Hungarian market, Extreme Digital opened two stores last year in Budapest, which helped grow the companyʼs domestic market share. The next step will be to extend its presence in other cities, such as Eger, Szombathely, Sopron and Veszprém, Várkonyi said.

As in previous years, Extreme Digital expects to post the highest revenues in the last quarter. Várkonyi noted that deliveries will probably face difficulties given the heavy labor shortage at logistics companies.