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EU needs to put effort on reverseing greenhouse gas rise

European greenhouse gas emissions are continuing to rise, undercutting the continent's efforts to become a global leader in curbing global warming, the European Commission said Thursday. In a statement, the Commission said "more effort" was needed to "reverse" this trend. Greenhouse gas emissions from the 15 E.U. countries rose by 0.3% in 2004. The report doesn't include the 10 Eastern European countries that joined the bloc in May 2004. Despite this rise, overall E.U.-15 emissions stood 0.9% lower than 1990, the reference year used in the Kyoto Treaty on global warming. Under that deal, the E.U. is required to reduce E.U.-15 emissions by 8%. "To meet our emissions reduction target member states need to intensify their efforts to implement the many E.U. measures to combat climate change," said Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas (CNBC)