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EU grant to help concrete plant construction

Hungary-based construction firm Bayer Construct Zrt. is planning to build a concrete element plant as a greenfield investment in Biharkeresztes, eastern Hungary, with the help of a European Union grant of HUF 500 million, the company told news agency MTI last Friday. The inauguration of the new factory is set for March 2017.

The company group, which includes Bayer Construct Zrt., Bajer Construction LLC, S.C. Bayer Strada S.R.L., Ma-Víz Kft, S.C. Viastein S.R.L. and S.C. Viarock S.R.L., is based in the industrial park of Sóskút, in Pest County west of Budapest, MTI reported.

Last year, the group had net profit of HUF 211 mln on revenues of HUF 1.4 billion, the news agency added.