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Educational startup receives EUR 1 mln investment

The BOOKR Kids reading application has raised a total of EUR 1 million investment from the state-owned Hiventures Venture Capital Fund. BOOKR Kids will be present in Hungarian elementary schools from September with a special pedagogical program.

The three-year-old startup develops interactive books and applications for children, publishing houses, companies and educational institutions, and produces digital versions of fairy tales and stories previously only available in print. BOOKR Kids thus provides a completely new format for IP owners, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. 

“Our main goal is to build a bridge between books and the digital world so that literature - besides screens - can also become a natural part of children’s lives,” says Dorka Horváth, CEO and co-founder of the company. “We gamify the books while keeping their original values; it is only the format and the platform that changes. BOOKR Kids means ʼlegal tablet timeʼ for kids since its developing effect is approved by parents, teachers and educational experts.”

With a special pedagogical program, BOOKR Kids will be present in Hungarian elementary schools from September. The educational plan was approved by the Digital Prosperity Program of Hungary and can be applied for under the Institutional Digital Development Plan.

This year the dynamically growing business has already matched its total revenue from 2017. The revenue goal for this year is EUR 500,000. Thanks to the capital injection, the company, already present in five countries, plans further international expansion.