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Editors from Simicska's media outlets resign

Citing “reasons of conscience” the leaders of Magyar Nemzet, MNO, HírTV and Lánchíd radio have all resigned effective immediately, Hungarian online daily reported in a press release issued this afternoon. All these outlets are associated with Lajos Simicska, who just threatened a "media war" with the government over the advertising tax and reacted with surprise to the resignations, reports.

“You have just read the press release, so have I. It is a f***ing surprise for me! Therefore if you excuse me I’ll just hang up and try to figure out what happened,” Simicska reportedly told over the phone.

According to the press release, the people involved are as follows: Gábor Liszkay the editor-in-chief of daily Magyar Nemzet and chairman of HírTV, Ottó Gajdics the editor-in-chief of Lánchíd radio, Gábor Élő the editor-in-chief of Magyar Nemzet Online, Péter Szikszai the deputy chairman of HírTV, Péter Csermely the deputy editor-in-chief of Magyar Nemzet and Szabolcs Szerető editor-in-chief of Magyar Nemzet.