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Ecodome Awarded ’Platinum’ Certification

The 5,000 sqm Ecodome office, located close to the Castle District, has become the third Budapest office complex to be awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) “Platinum” accreditation. The complex, a project by the Hungarian developer Redwood Holding, was sold onto a group of Hungarian investors prior to delivery.

Ecodome office center

The highest category of award in the LEED system is given for projects achieving 80 plus points after assessment by a third party professional. With regard to sustainability of sites, points are awarded for such issues as: development density and community connectivity, construction site activity pollution prevention, public transportation access, provision of bicycle storage and changing facilities, alternative transportation parking capacity and maximization of open space.

Points for water and energy efficiency are given for water-use reduction, innovative waste water solutions and water usage reduction, optimization of energy performance, and on-site renewable energy. Issues dealing with environmental quality include increased ventilation, biophilic design for the indoor environment.

The LEED assessor on the project was Edina Hornok, head of sustainability consultancy at DVM Group

Redwood Holding originally bought the development plot in 2007 in a tender un by the local municipality, but the project was put on hold due to the economic downturn. Redwood subsequently acquired modified development permits in 2011 for the project to meet the changing demands of tenants and a redesign was undertaken by DVM Group.

Tenant Demands

“We were granted the first building permit in 2009 and at that stage we had already considered and incorporated features that confirm to sustainability accreditation and energy efficiency in response to developing tenant demands,” commented Bálint Erdei, founder & CEO of Redwood Real Estate.

Elsewhere, the company is due to deliver the Hard Rock Hotel in the center of Budapest by the end of this year. The 10,000 sqm, 140 room hotel complex will be the first Hard Rock managed hotel in Europe.

“Office development requires a location in a good environment with direct access to services.[…] We would like to develop an at least 20,000 sqm project or an office at a AAA location, a size and location that is needed to justify the requirements of tenants,” he added.

The other LEED “Platinum” accredited office developments in Budapest are the 21,000 sqm White House by GTC and Green House by Skanska, subsequently purchased by investors.