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E-commerce accounts for 3% of Hungary’s retail sales in 2013

Online trade now accounts for more than 3% of retail sales in Hungary, according to market researcher GfK Hungária: Retail sales, excluding sales of vehicles and vehicle fuel, reached HUF 7 trillion in Hungary in 2013, with online trade accounting for HUF 200 billion to HUF 220 billion of the total.

Among Hungarians aged 18 to 49 years old, the proportion of those who said they had purchased items on the internet rose to 76% in 2013 from 74% in 2012. The share of those making online purchases on a monthly basis increased to 28% from 25%, and the share of those making online purchases and paying electronically rose to 20% from 17%.

A little more than 19% of all consumer electronics are sold in Hungary via the online medium; the European average is 18%.

For 2012, 23% growth in internet retailing in Hungary was observed; by mid-2013, some 3,000 webshops based in the country were active, with the top 300 sites accounting for 90% of total sales.

– material from national news service MTI was used in this article